Retreat, Retreat!

We are so excited to let you know we're planning the next retreat.
Laughter Retreat!
Date TBD

This retreat in late 2016 or early 2017 will be a one-day example of how to integrate more healing laughter into your life and the lives around you. The details are coming soon, but if you're interested, let us know on Facebook, or contact us below to be added to the interest list.
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The March Retreat

What the attendees had to say...


Thank you Craig Shoemaker for a life changing retreat. There is no question that the past three days will have a major impact on my life going forward. The speakers and performers were AMAZING, enlightened and extremely talented. Montrose Travel did a great job, thank you Melissa and Teresa. The people in attendance were beautiful souls and made the weekend extra special. The stories and vulnerability that were shared touched my heart and soul. Thank you Craig Shoemaker for turning your dream into reality and sharing it with us."  - TSK

"Thank you Craig for an amazing fun weekend. The speakers were incredible and people that participated were awesome. I think you started a wonderful mission. And I look forward to next year. ... Thank you!"  - ML

"Laughter Heals, laughter brings new friends together, laughter creates amazing bonds, laughter is food for the soul! Craig Shoemaker's amazing wellness retreat is something special. Grateful for Craig & the magic he created this weekend."  - GMJ

"OMG, Our first exposure to this type of gathering....we were in heaven...just made it home to Roseville...East of Sacramento...a long trip but so worth it...Craig, you're the best."  - M.F.

"Was so perfect in every way. Blew my expectations n that's hard to do thank you for sharing your heart" - JMH

"Wow! What an amazing weekend! So grateful & humbled to share the stage with Michael Beckwith, Craig Shoemaker, Mikki Willis, Carlos Mencia, Jon Dorenbos, Lynn Rose, Tony O Donnell, Bruce Fine, Steve Eisenberg, Renee Kohn, Mark Eddie, & Bob Doyle & all the beautiful souls in the room @ The Enlightened Up Retreat! 
Beautiful sharing from the heart + Connection + Laughter = An awesome recipe for healing & feeling inspired! We are all in this together!    (
heart emoticon)  
Xoxo " - TM

"With spirit brother and brilliant comedian Craig Shoemaker @ Enlightened Up Retreat. It was an INSPIRING weekend and Craig is one of the funniest human beings on the planet!!" - MdV

"Incredible weekend! It's difficult to even put into words what I experienced. The synergy, synchronicity and symbolism are still sync-ing in. :^)"  - SS