After thousands of performances, traveling millions of miles and entertaining countless audiences I have arrived at a new space in my soul. Or, "Sole," in the case of a man frequently called Shoe. Frankly, I’m not driven by the same motivators that once led me. I used to be propelled by the thought that I could meet lots of girls who wanted a guy with a sense of humor. Well, so much for that load of crap! Have never seen one the cover of People Magazine a "Sexiest Man Alive" being Carrot Top or the Wayans Brothers. But I digress....

I long held belief that doing comedy would lead to garnering attention from women and men (for different agendas), and therefore lead to self-fulfillment. Eventually, after many a stumble, fumble and occasional crumble, I discovered that no amount of applause could ever repair a festering internal wound. That takes a journey, not a tourniquet. What I have discovered is that it ain't about me anymore. WE are all ONE. 

The most pleasure I get is not getting; it’s giving that serves the highest purpose. The laughs are not related to attaining some personal perceptive need. It’s so much bigger than that. Sharing humor leads to a widespread, unique and powerful human connection. It literally shifts consciousness. It's a medicine we all need a lot more of, and this belief is solidified even more every time I glance at political posts on Facebook! Considering all the vitriol and personal attacks, it might be more apropos to call it "DefaceBook."

So, to combat the dark, end-of-the-world rants, and contrast it by adding some positive ju-ju I am ecstatic that our Laughter Heals organization is now officially re-launched a non-profit company. We will have many events and programs to come, and I encourage you to sign up at our website for more info and daily Laffirmations. 

Added to my enthusiasm is word I just received that I have been inducted into a truly unique and powerful group -The Association of Transformational Leaders. I get to hang with the top folks in the fields of artistic, academic, social, corporate and humanitarian endeavors, devoted to transforming lives. This is an exclusive band of leaders in the universe of lifestyles of health and sustainability. Personal growth is the key and these are the best guides to get folks there. This is also a true boost to my speaking and author career too, but more important than that is that I will have an opportunity to expand the message about the power of laughter to a greater amount of people. 

I want to thank Lynn Rose, Mikki Willis and Nina Boski for doing their part in bringing me into the fold. I am thrilled, honored & grateful to be a part of an organization of such high level visionaries. In a world of so many blocks and conflicts, it sure feels great to be a part of the solution. I have an inkling that I was also brought in for levity. This is one area I know, with the new goal of combining laughter with wellness, we are building a bridge from the "Woo-Woo" to the "Ha-Ha!"

If you want to be a part of the Laughter Movement please sign upat to receive updates on our next adventures. We invite everyone to help clean up the muck one yuck at a time!