...it is love, because the vibration makes you feel and touch all emotions within us without worry or doubt. it's pure and beautiful, just as love can be in its greatest moments.

...it is acceptance, because there is an internal acceptance that everything in the moment is exactly the way it should be and can be. it's a supreme, yet subliminal knowing.

...it is understanding, because through some great force, a natural connection takes place between mind, heart and spirit. all fire off simultaneously, and result in a reaction of outward emotion. a smile, a chuckle, a snort - all visceral responses to something said or done that our deepest self comprehends in that split second.

...it is gratitude, because every time we cry out with emotion, it acknowledges our appreciation for god's gift. only humans can laugh, and we are lucky to be able to express and enjoy ourselves in this manner.

...it is certainly humility, because we are always reminded how our own ego takes us from a higher source, and our fall is a reminder of just who is in charge. the laughter is a recognition of this humble lesson we see in our every day lives.